Timber Resin Repair Services in Winchester

Need professional timber resin repair services in Winchester?

At MPR Painting, our professional timber resin repairs service is offered to all residents throughout Winchester. Over the years, our fully trained team have gained expert knowledge and experience in all aspects of timber resin repairs, and, are therefore an ideal team when looking for assistance with your timber resin. 

Timber resin repairing is a well-used repair method for large timber sections. In most cases, timber beams or roof truss ends are affected by water, which can create detrimental conditions for fungi growth, causing the timber to deteriorate. Once timber is affected by rot, it is only a matter of time before it loses its structural integrity and requires a replacement or repair work. Our Timber resin repairing is a cost-effective solution, as we only repair the affected part of the structure, and also takes away the need to replace the entire timber beam!

Resin is largely favoured for structural timber repairs as it is a localised repair, reducing the fabric required to be repaired and therefore decreases costs. It is also a non-porous material, meaning it is completely impenetrable, preventing any further damage from water penetration to the repair. The repaired structure is strengthened with steel rods and covered with resin to match the existing structure. With all repair jobs, we will inspect the timber, in order to assess the work needed to carry out the repair. If after the inspection we decide that resin repair isn’t the best course of action, we will specify the most cost-effective solution to repair your structure.

Our team at MPR Painting in Winchester are happy to provide professional advice, as well as take on all timber resin repairs. Give us a call today on 07597943922 for a no-obligation quote, or for any further details you may require.