Door Stripping Winchester

Looking for door stripping services in Winchester?

At MPR Painting, our professional door stripping service is offered to all residents throughout Winchester. Over the years, our fully trained team have gained expert knowledge and experience in all aspects of door stripping, and, are therefore an ideal team when looking for assistance with your door stripping requirements. 

When decorating the interior of your home, the doors can be difficult in a number of different ways. The colour of your doors is usually chosen around the style of your interior decor. With this, when changing your decor, it is often necessary to change the colour of your doors.

At MPR Painting, we carry out thorough door stripping, in order to strip the old paint from your door, leaving a smooth, consistent surface, ready to coat in your new chosen colour of paint.

There are many reasons why you may opt for a paint stripping service. Whether you are looking to update the interior of your home, and wish for doors to match the new style, or maybe you've recently moved into an older house, and the doors need to be freshly coated, our door stripping service can be perfect for all circumstances. 

The door stripping process involves dipping the doors in a warm caustic solution, removing residue with a pressured jet washer. We then give the option of neutralising your door with acetic acid, which we leave to dry slowly and naturally in a dehumidified room. Once the drying process is complete, we begin the sanding process, where we sand the doors until the surface is smooth. After this, we offer a wax or oil finish in a variety of shades, chosen by you, with which we apply to the doors, bringing the natural beauty of the wood back to life. 

Our door stripping service can be used for paint stripping, as well as powder coating removal. 

Powder Coating Removal in Winchester

Looking for a Powder Coating Removal service in Winchester?

We can remove any powder coating off your doors, preventing any scratching of the surface or causing any damage to the doors. 

Our team at MPR Painting in Winchester are happy to provide professional advice, as well as assist all door stripping requirements. Give us a call today on 07597943922 for a no-obligation quote, or for any further details you may require.